creative baked goodies for a child's school birthday snackcreative baked goodies for a child's school birthday snack

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creative baked goodies for a child's school birthday snack

My son is in first grade and always comes home all excited about the awesome birthday snacks that the other kids have brought in to share with the class. I don't know where some of the mothers find the time to create some of the things he comes home and tells me about, because I sure don't have the time to make anything close to what they are making! That is why I decided to start looking into some of the bakeries in the area to find some awesomely creative baked goodies for my son to take for his birthday. You will be amazed at what I have found. Visit my site to see!

4 Fun Ways To Use Kaiser Rolls In Your Commercial Or Personal Kitchen

If you aren't already regularly using Kaiser rolls in your kitchen, whether at home or in your restaurant, now is the time to think about doing so. Here are just four fun ways to use Kaiser rolls in your kitchen:

Make French Toast

Kaiser rolls can be used in your kitchen to whip up a batch of delicious French toast for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. They are already a little crusty on the top, which makes them hardy enough to hold up to a French toast egg mixture. They are also thicker than regular bread, just as tasty as French bread, and can withstand the addition of fruits and syrups without getting too soggy or falling apart. Cinnamon complements the rich butter flavor of Kaiser rolls, as does maple syrup. The rolls can be used in any French toast recipe you may want to try.

Make Mini Pizzas

Another fun way to use Kaiser rolls in the kitchen is to make some mini pizzas. By placing a sheet pan over a few rolls and then weighing the sheet pan down with a plate or two for an hour or so, you will create perfect pizza bases that can be topped with some marinara sauce, cheese, and your favorite meats and veggies. After baking the topped rolls for a few minutes (until the cheese melts and starts to brown) at 350 degrees, you will be left with tasty pizzas featuring thick, soft crust.

Create Some Bread Bowls

Believe it or not, Kaiser rolls can be turned into small bread bowls to hold salad, soup, chili, or even casserole. Use a knife to carefully remove the top and inside of the roll, leaving the bottom and edges intact. Toast the bread bowls in the oven just until they start to brown, then fill them with whatever foods you want to eat that would complement the bread well. These bread bowls are not big, but they can be served as a complete meal if plenty of protein is included.

Turn Them into Breadcrumbs

Because Kaiser rolls are usually a little crusty on top, they can easily be turned into breadcrumbs and used in all kinds of recipes from meatloaf to fried chicken. After cutting some Kaiser rolls up into large chunks, toss them in a little oil and throw them in the oven at 250 degrees until they get crispy. They can then be crushed with a rolling pin and turned into fine breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs can be stored in an airtight container for about a week.

For more ideas about how to use Kaiser rolls or where to buy them, contact a local bakery.